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Trauma Therapy 

Trauma is a complicated issue that impacts on many, many lives. Trauma is often associated with things such as war, crime and abuse and I certainly work with people and couples who have experienced all of these things.


Trauma refers to how we respond to events that are overwhelming, distressing, painful and often confusing. 

I offer support to those who have had trauma in their childhood and those who have been traumatised as adults.


Often I work with people who have experienced multiple traumatic events throughout their lives.

The kinds of trauma I work with include:

  • Sexual abuse / sexual violence / exploitation

  • Birth trauma

  • Domestic Abuse 

  • Medical and / or health related trauma 

  • Issues relating to bullying 

  • Work related trauma 

  • Bereavement 

I am trained in a variety of psychological models that are specifically aimed at reducing the distress caused by traumatic life events.

work with people and couples.

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