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Sex therapy

I love working with people on issues relating to sex (in any shape or form) as I strongly believe it's a really important part of our lives and relationships.


As a Clinical Psychologist I am highly trained and experienced in helping people to understand how they have arrived at this point in their lives, often with a focus on talking about WHAT has happened to you. When we truly understand ourselves we move to a position where we are able to make the changes that allow us to live the lives we want to live. I am sex positive and kink aware and provide a non-judgemental shame free online therapy space. 

I work with all kinds of issues relating to sex including:

  • Lack of arousal 

  • Confidence and self esteem issues 

  • Vaginismus

  • Painful sex 

  • Difficulties with orgasm

  • Erection issues

  • Rapid / premature ejaculation

  • Sex after sexual trauma 

  • Issues relating to shame

  • Issues relating to menopause / hormonal issues

  • Sexual issues as a result of health problems eg cancer 

  • Relationship issues 

  • Sexual addiction / compulsive sex of any kind 

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