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"Nichola is extremely approachable, not judgemental...I felt I could tell her anything and feel stupid or judged. You made me think deeply about the trauma's I have gone through and find solutions to how I felt".

"I feel my sessions have been a real benefit to me. You have given me pause for thought and been positive and encouraging without making me feel (like a teenager) hostile or like I've been nagged...I have succeeded in making some long overdue changes".  

"Nichola provides a safe, calm, non-judgemental space...I feel I can be open with Nichola and don't need to hold back on any thoughts...Nichola is very easy to connect with, professional and down to earth".

"Nichola strikes a fantastic balance between listening and being compassionate yet straight talking. She's assured and very good at what she does".

"I am genuinely so very grateful that you were my guide through this (complex trauma therapy with a Clinical Psychologist). You seem to understand me very well, sometimes I think better than I know myself".

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