Psycho-Sexual Therapy (PST) is a type of therapy for anyone wishing to make changes to or improve their sexual relationships (either with themselves or with other people). Dr Marchant is a member of the College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists (COSRT) and has been awarded a Post-graduate Certificate in Psycho-sexual Therapy.


I offer individual and relationship PST to anyone wanting to learn more about their sexual identity and those wanting to over-come specific difficulties. We offer a non judgemental space for all. RPS are a kink friendly, sex-positive service. 

I work with people wishing to address specific issues relating to arousal / desire or orgasm, issues around pain and those wishing to explore their sexual identity and those wanting to improve their sexual confidence and self-esteem. I also work with those who are concerned that they may be "addicted" to certain sexual behaviours. I have a special interest in helping those who have experienced sexual difficulties as a result of trauma. 

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